We understand the importance of learning more, knowing more and remembering more, securing knowledge, practise and showing our dedication to become confident and flexible thinkers.  We deliver all subjects in the National Curriculum but in a way which reflects our pupils, our community and our vision. We are currently revising our curriculum design, and the offer for the term is outlined in the Curriculum Booklets (below).

Our curriculum is the beating heart of our school and is rooted in John 10:10.

“I came that they might have life and live it to the full”

Within our Christian vision ‘together we grow, together we flourish’ our children will our children will develop a love of learning and be totally immersed in different worlds, cultures and times preparing them for the next stage of their education.

Our curriculum has been deliberately designed to be ambitious and  meet the needs of our children as well as the National Curriculum expectations. Subjects have been planned to immerse the children within their familiar local context before expanding their knowledge nationally and across the world.

Empowering Excellence – Wider Family Engagement

Collectively Empowering Excellence are the key values which underpin everything we do at the Learning Academy Partnership. This is applicable to all stakeholders. We believe that to empower excellence in children, we need to work as a collective to ensure this – parents and community members are key.

Alongside family learning we need ensure that they are able to engage with the curriculum and any level. Each term, parents, stakeholders and community members will be invited in to celebrate the children’s Beautiful Work. We will also engage local and wider community members as ‘experts’ to support the project-based learning. This will provide the children with a meaningful audience but also to celebrate with the wider school family the excellence that has been achieved.