Staying safe online is an increasing challenge in today's world

We hold termly Online Safety Weeks. Staying safe online is an increasing challenge in today’s world. For parents, knowing how to keep their family safe can be daunting and confusing.

We revisit Online Safety every term because we know how important it is for children and our school community to feel safe online and know what to do if they feel at risk. We strongly recommend you visit https://www.commonsensemedia.org/game-reviews It is for parents only, giving an in-depth, factual rating and analysis of most games, apps and films, clearly itemising content, levels of language and the kind of content your child might be exposed to whilst playing these games. Don’t forget that almost all online computer games now come with messaging functions built in. This means your child could be chatting online to strangers and coming into contact with content and opinions that are unsuitable or leave them at risk.

For more information on social media functions within computer games please visit: http://www.torbayvirtuallysafe.co.uk/parents/gaming/

Family Agreements

We have also found that family agreements are something practical that children and parents can discuss and agree together. These can be very effective as they give both child and parent responsibility. There is a good template at: http://www.childnet.com/ufiles/Family-agreement-template.pdf The Family Agreement can go up on the fridge so everyone at home is always reminded of what’s been agreed.

Useful Resources

As parents you can support your child in staying safe online by having a quick look at some of these resources listed below. These websites have comprehensive information for parents and children as well as top tips and contact details should you have concerns or need further information.

Don’t forget, you can also talk to our Safeguarding Lead if you have any queries or concerns, or simply would like further information on helping you and your family stay safe online.