We are scientists, historians and geographers ...

We are design technicians, artists and linguists ...

We are musicians, engineers and advocates ...


Dartington Church of England Academy aims to serve our community, within a Christian Vision, equipping our children with the skills and attributes to flourish in life, in all its fullness. Underpinned by the vision ‘Together we grow, together we flourish.’ 

We provide the rich curriculum and personal development that enables our children to develop deep roots and flourish. Within our distinctive community, our Christian school nurtures growth, giving courage to face challenges, andabundant opportunities for unique strengths to blossom. Everyone feels valued and has the skills 

to make wise choices for themselves and others, and trust in the brightest future. 

Our School Day

Start of the school day: Gates open at 8.40am and children go straight to their class.  Gate closes at 8.55am.

Lunch times:
Nursery/EYFS lunch 11.30am – 12.30pm
The rest of the school 12.00- 1.00pm

End of the school day:

Nursery 3.00pm

EYFS 3.15pm

The rest of the school 3.15pm