The date for World Book Day 2022 is Thursday 3rd March and as this is fast approaching, we’d like to let you know our plans.
At Dartington, we are part of an exciting Open University Reading for Pleasure project so we have organised this year’s World Book Day celebrations to fit with the principles of this project. Our event has been planned by our school council and pupil voice champions and is designed as a true celebration of books and authors.
Over the next few weeks, we would like to start by asking all children to choose their favourite book in preparation for the day. Please do have conversations with your children about the reasons behind their choices and perhaps read this book at home with them.
On World Book Day we would like the children to bring their favourite book in to share with their class. If they do not have a copy of this at home, they are welcome to borrow one from our school or class libraries.
The children can also choose to do one of the following:
a) Dress up as a character/person/animal from their favourite book
b) Bring in a teddy dressed up as a character/person/animal from their favourite book
c) Decorate or paint a potato to look like a character/person/animal from their favourite book
If they would like to do all three then that is fine too! What’s even more exciting is that everyone who takes part will be entered into a raffle to win a World Book Day prize.

We also have a range of fun activities which will be taking place in school including:
  • A whole-school assembly in which we will hear a story by a mystery reader and in which adults across the school will be sharing their favourite children’s books.
  • A mixed-up story session in which the children will be able to sign up to hear books read by different adults across the school.
  • Two exciting virtual author events: Catherine Rayner for EYFS and KS1 and Michael Rosen for KS2.
Reading is something that we are all really passionate about at Dartington so we really can’t wait to celebrate books and authors on this very special day. Thank you all in advance for your support for this exciting event.